Why Does Social Media Matter?

Why Does Social Media Matter?

Social media is arguably one of the best parts about living in the digital age. Just think about how long you spend on social media each day, and how handy you find it? I mean, you can instantly send a message to a friend, which they can reply to instantly. You can add photos, stickers and almost anything to your digital messages.

You can share photos from your latest holiday, or family event, or from your night out – all it takes is a simple click and all your friends can see how much fun you had, and they can comment on your photos or better yet, they can “react” to your photos using different emoticons. It’s so simple to use, and is so powerful – hence why so many of us use it each day.

Social media isn’t just important for us standard people either, it is incredibly important for businesses too! Many years ago, companies actually had to just put flyers everywhere, in order to spread the word of their business, and to drum up some customers. These days, a company can simply start their own business page, where customers can leave reviews, rate the business – and the business can advertise on Facebook, for a small fee. This all helps save paper too, which in turn – helps save the planet.

There are many advantages to a business embracing social media:

Online Presence

How often do you pick up the yellow pages to find out the phone number for a certain business? Most likely not very often. You’d just search for it on Google, right? Exactly! If your business has an online presence, other people can take a look at your business, and learn what it’s all about, and get relevant details without having to search through the phone book. They can even message your business page with queries, and you can simply get back to them when you have time. This saves you juggling between running your business, and answering the phone. This also keeps a record of all messages, making it much easier to track your business activity.


Many social media websites also offer you a lot of information regarding your business page, such as how many “likes” you’ve received recently, and how quickly you reply to messages on average. It will also show you your average star rating, which is calculated from customers leaving reviews. It can show you graphs of your “reach” too, meaning how many people you reached with each post – and whether your page is performing exceptionally, or just average.

There are also many advantages to a standard person opening up a personal account on social media:


Facebook usually starts a “safety alert” program when a disaster occurs, this allows you or a friend to mark you as “okay.” This means the rest of your friends can put their minds to rest, once they know you are okay. This also helps authorities search for people who aren’t marked as “okay.” This social media feature isn’t one which is used often, but it sure is one of the most powerful, life-changing features on this social media website.


Social media websites make it easy for you to interact with friends and family, by allowing you to send them messages and tag them in a status or in photos. This all helps connect you with other people, and allow your friends to see what a great time you had. It also provides another platform for instant messaging, and video calls – which all help connect you to the ones you love most; all you need is a data connection.


You can follow or like certain pages, which may be your hobby, or pastime. You can then receive related posts in your news feed, which allows you to keep up to date with the latest information regarding your hobbies; you can even follow News Pages which will keep you updated daily with the latest news.

Meet New People

Social media allows you to meet new people! You can see “mutual friends” – so you can simply become friends with new people, and enlarge your social circle. Be careful when meeting new people in-person though, as there is a chance it was a fake account designed to groom people.


Social media websites make it incredibly easy for you manage your online presence, from uploading photos, writing statuses, starting polls and messaging friends – you’ll find it all incredibly easy to use. You can write descriptions for your photos, or tag friends in them – people can then see what you’ve been up to.


All social media websites have a bunch of privacy settings that you change, so only specific people can see your posts and photos, or just so everyone can see everything. It’s up to you who you share your content with, so don’t worry about any privacy issues.

Is Social Media Really That Great?

Social media is awesome! It’s also very important. It allows you to interact with the people who matter most, and find new like-minded people for you to make friends with. You can create a photo album of all your favourite pictures, which you can look at wherever you are.

It allows you to let family members know you are safe, and most of all – it makes it incredibly easy to catch up with friends if you can’t meet them for some reason. Social media allows you to everything you would do on the internet normally, through one website or app. Keep up to date with the news? Read the latest tech blogs? Message friends? There are no limits to what social media can do, and it will only get better in the future.

You can also sign into many other websites using your social media account these days, which means you can tie all of your accounts together; and only need to remember one email address and password, how great is that?!

Why not hop on the band-wagon today to start your own online presence?

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