Best Rank Tracking Software for SEOs

Best Rank Tracking Software for SEOs

If you implement search engine optimization strategies onto your websites, rank trackers are certainly a necessity. The reason why most SEO experts use rank trackers is because they want to monitor and gather data to increase the traffic to their websites. It is through rank trackers that professionals are able to identify the right keywords to target so that the website or business can receive more traffic. To implement SEO successfully, there is a need to get a good understanding of how important keywords are.

Here are a few SEO tips to follow. First off, the site you are promoting should have quality content. Second, you must have engaging and well-designed social media accounts to engage the user. Third, there should be an efficient CRM marketing tactics to connect with the people. All of these tips will help boost your sites in the SERPs (listings/sites on Google) and improve its overall quality.

Monitoring keywords is one of the best methods for testing how successful a marketing campaign can be. This is measured by the success in content marketing, online PR and link building. If you’re not monitoring the SERPs already, it’s best that you start right now. Keep a close eye on your websites performance on the SERPs, it could mean big things!

Why should you monitor your rankings? A simple answer to that is to measure how successful your website is with SEO. This is the part where a lot of people implementing SEO fail the most – SEO may look simple, but it’s a very fast-paced and complex industry. Especially when it comes to content marketing. As such, even with this aspect already pointed out to many professionals, it can be quite a challenge on how one can measure the actual failure and success of a campaign. Social signals, like those with Facebook’s likes, shares, followers, etc., can only provide a broad idea on how your brand or website is performing. Even with all the backlinks that are in place, there isn’t a clear answer whether or not you have successfully seen the results of your marketing strategies.
And it’s because of this reason that you have to keep yourself informed with the use of rank trackers. This way you can keep track on certain keywords and how they’re doing in the SERPs. Here are the top rank tracking software’s that you can use:

Authority Labs

One of the main features SEO experts look at in a rank tracker is an option for On-Demand vs Campaign. This focuses mostly on daily rank tracking. The volume allowed by this software is from 1,000 to unlimited and exports a lot of API, including CSV exports. The monthly fee you need to pay when using the services of Authority Labs is between $99 to $450 each month. Authority Labs have recently published a dedicated place of tutorials that will help you get started with the software. They even included some of the best ways you can utilize their ranking data, too. They also feature “Now Provided” report, wherein unknown keywords that have very high potential that might help your website get better traffic. It also gets the best job in ranking these keywords, too. Find more about Authority Labs in order to get more information about it.

SEO Book Rank Checker Plugin

This is a plugin that is only made available for Firefox browser users only. The plugin also includes the On-Demand vs Campaign feature, and allows you to set up their scheduled reports on the keywords.

The volume it is capable of doing is 100 in one go, and is able to export to CSV. The price is free, meaning you can use this as long as you want without paying a monthly fee. All you need to do is go to Firefox and search for the name of this tool. You can also visit this link: if you want to get the plugin right now.

Moz PRO Campaign

The Moz Pro campaign is capable of doing both on-Demand vs Campaign. Volume capacity is capable of handling 7,500, 1,900, 750 or 300. It’s capable of export, and price can either be 99 USD, 149 USD, 249 USD or 599 USD each month. The Moz Pro subscription includes a suit of other tools, not only the rank tracker. Definitely worth it in the long run if you plan to use their whole suite of tools.

Advanced Web Ranking

This is a desktop software, and one that is focused more on Campaign rather than on-demand. Volume capacity is unlimited and it capable of exporting, too. The price range between $199 to $2,999, which you are going to pay one time. However, you will be required to open a proxy account on a monthly basis. Go to for more details.
There is also a Cloud version of this software, too and is similar to its focus: Campaign. However, its volume capacity is between 2,000 to 35,500. It is capable of exporting, while the price you need to pay for is between $49 to $499 each month. Just go to to get the cloud-based software.

Link Assist

On the on-Demand vs Campaign feature, it is focused on Campaign. Volume capacity is unlimited, while its exporting feature is only available for its Enterprise Version. The price ranges between $124.75 to $299.75. According to the last time they have updated their information, this price is labeled as ongoing fee. There is still a need of clarification in this part if you are interested to learn more about Link Assist. Visit their website to learn more.


Although this software tracking tool has a lot of existing data, it focuses a lot on Campaign. The volume capacity is between 500 to 6,000 and is capable of exporting reports, too. The price range starts from $99.95 up to $595.95, depending on the version that you choose. This rank tracking software comes with a free trial good for 14 days. It will give you a PRO account usable for 14 days with no fee at all, thus giving you an insight on the feel what the tool can do for you.

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