Jannic – 27 Years Old – Norwegian/Jamacian – Digital Marketing Bad Ass


I am a highly creative person, of course this is a statement said too often but, I feel my previous and current positions will speak in favor of it. I strive to innovate and improve ways of doing tasks and projects. I am also a highly motivated and energetic person. When presented with a task or project, my goal is to do it the best I can. After completion, I tend to review and criticize my work, which leads to my overall development.

I live for what I do. Social Media, Advertising, Branding, and Marketing are all things that I felt passionate about and partook in before having the full understanding of them that I currently possess. They are second nature for me. Previously I did all the above for numerous organizations, public figures and an internationally released film. I find much pleasure in it, which allows for me to work in my free time. Connecting and communicating with audiences, finding ways for them to interact with the brands; be it through competitions, user-created content or simple posts makes me feel like what I do has an impact.

I have built out campaigns around a huge range of subjects which have been covered by the worlds biggest publishers.

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