8 Great Free SEO Tips

8 Great Free SEO Tips

Here are 8 Great Free SEO tips. These Free Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips will help your site get notices buy search engines and customers.

SEO Tip 1

It is very important that the search engine is aware about the basic idea and content about your page. Hence, in order to make the search engine aware you need to insert the keyword in the title tag as well. Once you insert the keyword in your title tag your document would have a good chance of appearing in the top few of the search engine.

SEO Tip 2

Make sure that you use the same keyword in the title tag as well as in the content. Subject matter density is important. You should keep the subject matter density above 5% but bellow 10%. In SEO subject matter density is having, 5 of your title words out of 100 words.

SEO Tip 3

One of the most basic things that you need to do is select a keyword. In SEO best practices, you must select a relevant key word to the issue or topic of your document. If you are writing or promoting a product than it is wise to have the product name as your keyword along with solid long tail search terms.

SEO Tip 4

You need to also be careful of the fact that you don’t end up using the same keyword for all the documents or pages on your website. When you use the exact same keyword the search engine would assume that all your pages are the same. You need to have some originality and relevance with your key words but do SEO best practice is to use similar strong key words on your page.

SEO Tip 5

Video on your page is a crucial element in today’s search engine optimization. SEO best practices require video in your page for relevance. The more video your page has, the higher it relevance in the SEO algorithm. Keep in mind the relevance of the video to your subject matter.

SEO Tip 6

Make sure you don’t link to any of the unfriendly neighborhoods. In SEO, you want to link to thinks of relevance. You want to be sure to have high value links for the best SEO value. If you can link to schools and similar businesses, you will have more value.

SEO Tip 7

One of the things that you need to keep in your mind is that you should always avoid the use of doorway passages. Doorway passages are designed in such a manner that they only suit robots. Search engines give first preference to human friendly pages and hence you should not use doorway passages.

SEO Tip 8

Make sure that you yourself submit your document to the search engines. It is a best SEO practice to avoid getting submission done by the submission server. You should however, be certain, to build an online presence in social bookmarking sites which will be found easily by search engines.

Use these 8 SEO tips and your site will be valuable. As you continue to tweak your format you will notice that your document would be in the top list of the search engines for your long tail search terms.

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