Personal Highlights

60+ Klout score
2,100+ social media following
9,000,000+ Youtube views accumulated
Secured high SEO & Google rank for personal brand
Won internship contest; with my personal brand
Led the movement into digital for organizations in college


Jannic is an avid social media, advertising, branding, marketing specialist & tech geek ― looking to contribute to and grow in a forward thinking company.

Thanks for visiting my social resume! The idea of this project is to garner “funding” through YOU sharing this page across all your social media networks. The end goal is that employers in companies will find me through our shared efforts.

I love engagement, and social media. These are areas I want to work in which that is why I decided; why not incorporate them in my efforts to KICK my career into motion.

So please help by sharing this page along, there are rewards for you located in each of the 6 tiers of pledges.

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Jannic was a great team player and worked well with everyone at Converge Media. He always had great input and ideas for our various projects including social media, RFP’s, website design and development.
Jannic was able to design great visuals to go along with presentations to the City of Chicago to really help sell our concepts. He was a very pleasant and jovial person to work with which was great for moral.

John Martin, CEO and President at Converge Media

Jannic was a great asset to my team! He was always thinking of creative ideas for our client’s social media strategies and did an excellent job with implementing and executing the tasks that he was responsible for. Jannic is polite, knowledgeable and always a positive and happy person.
He is truly on the cutting-edge of what is working in the online/social media/mobile marketing worlds and is constantly hungry to learn and do more. In addition, he is extremely well-rounded for his age and his travels and experiences in different cities and countries only add to his talents. He would be a tremendous addition to any organization.

Kerianne Mellott, CEO and Founder at Marketing Makes Me Smile​​

I have known Mr. Nielssen since Fall 2010. During this time I have been impressed with his dedication to his fraternity and to the University Center Board.
In particular, he has provided strong social media, marketing, and intentionally branding to these two organizations to the campus. He is always professional and provides the best customer service to his key stakeholders.

Beth Doores, Director of Student Programs at Millikin University​

Jannic was a creative and resourceful student who understands the value of technology and networking to promote a business or idea. His work with social media, video, and public relations came together effectively in the classroom and in his experiences outside of class as well.

Jeffrey Brand, Associate Professor at Millikin University

I hired Jannic in 2010 as a student videographer for the Marketing and Media Relations office at Millikin University. From day one, his talent and enthusiasm were obvious.
His creative approach to telling stories through video is his greatest strength. In addition, the personal side of him is very likeable. I look forward to observing his professional growth.​

Amy Hodges, Media Relations Coordinator at Millikin University


What are some of your highlights in Social Media?

  • Over 9,000,000 (nine million) Youtube views accumulated
  • 60+ Klout score achieved
  • 2,100+ social media following & still growing across all channels
  • Achieved competitive, high SEO & first page Google ranking for personal brand
  • Personal Brand Campaign won the Contest; for The Huffington Post & TechCrunch
  • Led the movement into online & digital for organizations in college through influence & tactics

What are your specialized skills?

  • 4+ Years Analysis (SEO, Google Analytics, bitly, HootSuite, Facebook Insights, Youtube Analytics)
  • 6+ Years Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, blogs)
  • 6+ Years Skilled Graphic / Video (Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut, After Effects, Sony Vegas, Prezi)
  • 11+ Years Microsoft Office (Complete Suite, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook)

What are your previous career experiences?

Marketing Consultant (June 2012 – August 2012)
Converge Media, Chicago, Illinois

  • Created 5+ of social media copy & content released daily for Converge Media clients
  • Created 4 major presentations delivered & presented by my team to the city of Chicago
  • Designed mock ups of potential merger opportunities for companies & the city of Chicago
  • Developed reports for companies looking to leverage Chicago’s assets to produce new revenue
  • Conducted industry & competitive analyses based on extensive global research

Social Media Project Manager (May 2011 – April 2012)
Marketing Makes Me Smile / New Breed Ent., Los Angeles, California

  • 20+ curated blog posts & 750+ social media posts, delivered to an audience of 2,700+
  • Single handedly increased audience by 8.3% per month through social media & blogging
  • High SEO & first page Google ranking via grassroot marketing for an internationally released film
  • Organized & scheduled social media promotions, content & reports for client; New Breed Ent.

Videographer (September 2010 – September 2011)
Millikin Marketing & Media Relations, Decatur, Illinois

  • 13 videos edited, shot & produced with over 6,000 unique views for the University & promotions
  • Produced Brand Launch video shown to investors; which led to the “Transform MU” campaign

What are your previous leadership experiences?

Social Media Director / Marketing Communication Coordinator (May 2011 – December 2012)
University Center Board, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois

  • 30+ events marketed & promoted to approx. 2,500 students & community per year
  • 1,600+ audience growth using social media strategy, curated posting, engaging content & contests
  • Handled & was responsible for crisis management, resulting in a more satisfied audience
  • Integrated branding throughout all platforms & mediums leading to greater recognition
  • Designed & curated promotional content driving more audience engagement & turnout

Eminent Chronicler – Public Relations Representative (January 2010 – May 2012)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Illinois Delta Chapter, Decatur, Illinois

  • Grew an 800+ audience from social media strategy using curated copy & innovative branding.
  • Avg. 40 likes, comments & retweets per post; increasing engagement, feedback & awareness
  • Developed innovative systems that enabled dynamic & conducive communication for the chapter
  • Managed 30+ members per year through the now exclusive communication system tools
  • Promoted events & philanthropy to approx. 2,500 students & alumni per year

Rock The Campus Digital Strategy Chairman (January 2011 – May 2012)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Illinois Delta Chapter, Decatur, Illinois

  • Over 2,000 people engaged through video, graphic & copy each year
  • 60 posts per event of video, photo & copy live-blogged to online community for the ability to engage
  • (2X) Doubled money raised & turnout in previous years through advertising & promotions
  • Highest viewed & shared video content & social RSVPs for any organization on campus

What are your employment limitations?
During my time at Millikin University, I was an international student, which means, legal non resident alien. Since the completion of my studies, I have been approved Optical Practical Training (OPT) status. This allows me to work in the United States for 12 months without the need for additional paperwork or sponsorship. My deadline to find a job is May 1st, OPT status only allots 3 months of unemployment before OPT status is revoked.

How did you come up with this idea?
Midway through my 3 month allotted job hunt, I thought to myself “There has to be a way to showcase my skills better than a paper resume. I had read about out-of-the-box resume’s such as, the Amazon Resume of Philippe Dubost and I started to see more and more of these innovative resume’s pop up.

Kickstarter serves as a great metaphor for my situation, from the time limits set on projects, to the people that take it upon themselves to help support and launch something. I hope everyone who helps me manages to feel apart of a community that have helped me reach my goals when deadline finally arrives

Are you really Jamaican and Norwegian?
Yes, yes I am. My father is Norwegian, my mother is Jamaican. I have lived in both countries but I was born and raised in Jamaica. I still have dual citizenship to both and that could come in very handy for the right employers. Especially if the position requires a lot of traveling around Europe or the Caribbean!

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